Keith S. Kuzio, PE Email | LinkedIn
Title: President and Chief Executive Officer
Department: Executive Management Team

What is your role at Larson Design Group?: Provide leadership in strategic planning and visioning for the firm. Monitor internal processes to assure that our team has clear goals, measures and resources to meet our strategic objectives while providing high quality, innovative, value-driven design solutions for our clients. Represent LDG in a community leadership role and encourage active community stewardship by all our employees. Develop the human capital of the firm to create advancement opportunities and a sustainable, prosperous future for our firm and its employee-owners.

What is your background?: Have applied my BS Civil Engineering degree from Lehigh University in a variety of public and private settings and in roles ranging from engineering design and bridge inspection to supervision, client management and executive leadership. Geographically, I’ve practice with private firms in the metro New Jersey-New York City area and western New York and have also held a position with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation in Northcentral PA.

What do you enjoy in your free time?: I enjoy living my faith, family travel, running, kayaking and producing maple syrup from my own woodlot. I’m motivated by continuous improvement, community involvement and having fun while making a difference by what I do every day.
Strong Towns “Curbside Chat” Video 10.2.2013
Posted in Codes & Regulations | Communities | Current Events | Economic Development | Education | Initiatives | Networking | Site Design & Land Development | Sustainable Design | Urban Development by (CEO) on October 9, 2013

On October 2, 2013, we engaged our community to consider what it means and what it might entail to become a Strong Town. Charles “Chuck” Marohn presented his Curbside Chat in Williamsport, PA on the campus of Lycoming College. This candid presentation on the future of America’s cities, towns, and neighborhoods was well attended by state and local government officials, business owners, faculty and students of the college, and concerned citizens.

If you were unable to join us, we’ve posted the video of the day’s presentation for you to view. I’m sure you’ll agree that Chuck brings timely topics for our consideration as we endeavor to make our communities stronger. We welcome your comments.

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What Makes for A Strong Town?
Posted in Communities | Current Events | Economic Development | Initiatives | Leadership | Politics | Site Design & Land Development | Urban Development by (CEO) on September 11, 2013

We see it in the news all the time – cities and towns in decline or distress. Whether it’s Detroit being discussed on Nightly News, or Scranton, Reading, and Harrisburg closer to home here in Pennsylvania, it’s clear that it’s not easy being a small, medium, or even large city these days. So the question is – why?

Think tanks are studying this question and offering theories every day. Just yesterday, I received an email from McKinsey and Company announcing a new report titled “How to Make A City Great”. The study can be found at:

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The Benefits of ESOPs
Posted in Employees | Initiatives | Leadership by (CEO) on October 10, 2012

Keith Kuzio (left) and Ken Larson, founder of Larson Design Group, pose around the time of LDG’s transition of ownership in 2001.

I recently had the opportunity to present a case study on Larson Design Group’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) experience to a group of interested people at the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Employee Ownership Forum. Our ESOP was formed in 2001 to assist in the transition of ownership from our first to second generation. This ownership model provided an excellent means of connecting all LDG employees to the mission, vision, values, and growth strategy that LDG has maintained during its entire history of local ownership, from 1993 to this day. The ESOP also gives all LDG employees the opportunity to benefit from the increased value of our company stock as the firm continues to grow and achieve top quartile industry performance results.

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Happy Holidays from Larson Design Group
Posted in Communities | Current Events | Employees by (CEO) on December 15, 2011

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Only with purpose does life become a journey
Posted in Economic Development | Education | Leadership | Networking | Professional Development by (CEO) on November 15, 2011

I’m authoring today on a return trip from San Francisco. I’m feeling refreshed after taking my daughter on several prospective college visits and from a business retreat with my closest engineering colleagues from the ACEC Senior Executive Institute (SEI) Class IV. It’s been rewarding to spend focused time with Olivia as she sorts through the college selection process. I also greatly appreciate the annual SEI senior leader gathering, with its opportunity for critical assessment of our firms, round table discussions, lively socializing, and the inherent opportunity to share our journeys toward fulfillment of personal and professional purpose.

During the trip, I spent time at Stanford University, at the U Cal San Francisco (UCSF) Parnassus Medical Campus, and in downtown San Francisco. It’s clear that the high tech industry, venture capital start-ups, and healthcare organizations are fueling economic recovery in the region. Growth is being catalyzed by the region’s cultural diversity, excellent institutions of higher learning, and through progressive community stewards that recognize the importance of embracing wide ranging perspectives, intellectually stimulating dialog, and a risk taking, entrepreneurial spirit. All these factors are contributing to the creativity, innovation, and growth that are occurring in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley.

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