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Happy Holidays
Posted in Marketing by (Chief Development Officer) on December 20, 2010

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Planning and SMART Goal Setting
Posted in Employees | Leadership | Professional Development by (CEO) on December 7, 2010
Planning and SMART Goal Setting

Larson Design Group founder Ken Larson always said, “Don’t forget the five Ps! Proper planning prevents poor performance.” That’s something that we’ve taken quite seriously here at LDG for a long time. Whether for our three year strategic planning process, annual plans of work derived from the strategic plan, or our office growth and development plans, we work diligently to apply that wisdom, along with another important technique – SMART Goal Setting. As applied to developing organizational goals, the SMART acronym stands for

S = Specific - be clear about what you are trying to accomplish, why it’s important, and how you intend to meet the goal.

M = Measurable - make sure that the level of achievement can be measured, both at interim milestones and at completion. This will allow opportunities for adjustments to processes along the way to help assure success.

A = Attainable - don’t set a goal so high that it’s daunting and invokes fear of failure or falling short. Unattainable goals push people away from full commitment.

R = Realistic - Be honest about organization strengths, weaknesses, and resources. Don’t set the bar too high on results, but also don’t water down expectations of what can be achieved.

T = Timely - Put the goal on a timeline for completion to create a sense of urgency and impetus for progress to occur.

SMART goal setting can be applied to personal goals as well as those for an organization.

Let me share an example. This fall, a goal of mine has been to work on maintaining my fitness level through the winter and benefit a good local cause in the process. So, I’ve been training to run the Frostbite 5 Mile Run on December 12th, with proceeds going to the Lycoming County Special Olympics program.

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