Pumping Jersey Shore’s Sewage Under Long Island
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Performing the horizontal directional drilling.

It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? It’s an innovative solution to an otherwise growing problem—in central Pennsylvania.

Nestled in Lycoming County, PA, is the Borough of Jersey Shore. Increased age, increased operational and maintenance issues, location, and proximity to the West Branch of the Susquehanna River required a drastic approach to a lingering problem—the desperate need for an upgraded wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). Not only was the existing plant aging, it was too small to meet the new nutrient treatment requirements stipulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. At the same time, the community across the river from Jersey Shore, Nippenose Township, was in the process of evaluating the need and necessity to construct a WWTP, collection system, and pump stations to serve the Antes Fort area, which was experiencing numerous on-lot failures and issues. This presented an excellent opportunity for regionalization.

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Anticipating Effects of Technology on Transportation Revenues
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Toll Booth

One of the more interesting sessions at the recent Transportation Research Board (TRB) Conference on Surface Transportation Finance in Irvine, California was titled “The Impacts of Technology on Transportation Revenue.” The session was presided by Sarah Puro of the Congressional Budget Office. To give you some background on the TRB, it was established in 1920 as the National Advisory Board on Highway Research to provide a mechanism for the exchange of information and research results about highway technology. And obviously technology in 1920 is a lot different than it is today. So we are faced with this challenge: how to predict and forecast transportation revenues as our methods prove to yield less consistent, long-term information.

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Employee Spotlight: Steven Beattie
Posted in Employees | Landscape Architecture by (Marketing) on April 21, 2014
Steve Beattie
Steve Beattie
Senior Project Manager

At Larson Design Group, we believe that our employees are our greatest asset. In this feature, we profile some of the staff members who contribute to our success. This month the spotlight is on Steven Beattie, RLA, Senior Project Manager in our Selinsgrove Site department.

Where did your career take you before joining LDG?
Prior to joining LDG in November 2011, I worked at two engineering firms and a design/build landscape contractor.

What was your first Job? What did you learn from it that still influences the way you work today?
My first job out of college was as a Landscape Maintenance Foreman for a large design/build landscape contractor in northern Virginia. Surprisingly, I found myself managing the landscapes of a large regional mall, an office building, and two high-end apartment complexes, managing the day-to-day contact with the clients of these accounts, and managing four laborers from Mexico and Guatemala. Years later, I realized that these responsibilities (and challenges) were invaluable in helping to set my course and career. There were unending hardships and difficulties; it truly was trial by fire nearly every day.

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Employee Spotlight: Kurt Hetrick
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This month, a respected member of the LDG family will retire after spending 41 years with the company. Kurt Hetrick, Senior Project Designer in our Williamsport headquarters, has been with LDG since it was known as Robert W. Ferrell Engineering and Surveying, and as Hunt Engineers. He has served as a member of the LDG board and as an ESOP Trustee, worked and had leadership responsibilities in several departments (surveying, municipal, highway, and site included), and even met his wife at LDG.

The impact Kurt has had on Larson Design Group is immeasurable. While his quiet wisdom and placid demeanor will be missed, this is a retirement well earned, and we wish him the best.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned during your career?

To keep satisfied clients, listen more than you talk. And really understand their needs. Generally, they’re in their worlds 24/7, and you’re just a visitor. So, they know as much or more about what’s going on as we do.

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Kick-Starting a Project with Community Collaboration
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The Buffalo Valley Rail Trail – Final Section Feasibility Study was a collaborative planning process between the Buffalo Valley Recreational Authority (BVRec), Bucknell University’s Engineering Department, and Larson Design Group (LDG). Funded by a $5,000 Susquehanna Greenway Partnership Mini-Grant, this planning process included donated time and services from Bucknell University, LDG, and many volunteers that made up the design committee. The planning process aldo included extensive public outreach to adjacent neighborhoods.

Public Parks and Recreation: Essential Community Services
In November 2011, BVRec celebrated the opening of the 9.2-mile Buffalo Valley Rail Trail (BVRT) between Mifflinburg and Lewisburg. Due to limited funding and the need for a Route 15 trail crossing, the BVRT was stopped short of downtown Lewisburg and the West Branch Susquehanna River. Currently, visitors to the trail who reside east of Route 15 must drive to a trail head in order to safely access the BVRT and enjoy the beautiful open spaces the trail traverses between Mifflinburg and Lewisburg.

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